Iowa Renewable Energy

Fueling America

Iowa Renewable Energy is an alternative energy manufacturing company that produces domestic and renewable energy, Biodiesel.

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Our Mission

Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC will be a dedicated provider of Biomass Based Diesel (“Biodiesel”; a renewable fuel made from agricultural or waste oils) exceeding ASTM specifications, produced under BQ9000 quality standards, that will reduce our Nation’s dependency on fossil fuels.

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Benefits of Biodiesel:

  • Contains no sulfur
  • Increased lubricity
  • Positive energy balance

Source: EPA

Biodiesel Performance:

  • Increased lubricity extends engine life
  • Better engine performance versus other alternative fuels
  • No engine modifications necessary to burn biodiesel
  • No specialized service or training needed for engines
  • Approved by major engine manufacturers

Source: EPA, USDA